Acute & Chronic Sports Injuries

What Are Sports Injuries?

Even after extensive training and preparation, along with strength and conditioning, sports injuries can still happen in an instant. 

These kinds of injuries are most often caused by overuse, direct impact, or applying a force that is much greater than the body can withstand in that moment. 

Often, bruises and strains can heal progressively with time and rest. However, if there is no significant improvement in pain and mobility after approximately one week, when the inflammation has resolved, it is important to see a medical professional, as untreated injuries can often lead to more severe consequences.

Acute Sports Injuries:

Acute injuries occur suddenly, often due to some type of trauma to the body. Examples include, concussions, ankle sprains, hamstring and groin strains.

Chronic Sports Injuries:

Chronic injuries are the result of overuse of a specific muscle group or joints. Force always travels through the path of least resistance, and musculoskelal imbalances or improper technique can often overload a muscle or a joint over time, causing this area to  eventually break down.  Common chronic sports injuries include shin splints, stress fractures, and tendonitis.

Prevention of Sports Injuries:

You can reduce your risk of sports injuries with just a few simple tips: 

  • Muscles respond best when warmed up properly. Focus on good active stretches and moving the body to increase your core temperature, especially when playing in outdoor spaces. 
  • Cool down after your sport with gentle, sustained stretches
  • Allow adequate recovery time between sessions.
  • Tape or strap vulnerable joints, if necessary
  • When training, make sure to incorporate appropriate speed and impact work, so muscles are adapted to changes in speed and impacts
  • Gradually increase intensity and duration of training. 
  • Ensure good form and technique 

Seeking Support with Physical Therapy:

The initial goal is to treat the injury to reduce pain and improve mobility. If it is a tissue or joint problem, Dr. Trinh will use Astym therapy , manual therapy and specific exercises to stimulate new tissue remodeling and improve the strength of the tendon and the range of motion of the joint over time.   

Once the pain has resolved, Dr. Trinh will perform a full mobility and strength assessment above and below the injury site to ensure this injury does not re-occur. She will prescribe specific corrective exercises to address any weak links in the kinetic chain of the body.

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