Pre & Post Surgical Rehab

Undergoing a Surgery:

Any major surgery is an undertaking when it comes to healing and returning to normal function. The body not only has to fight back any potential for infection, but it also has to undergo an entire process of tissue healing, regain any range of motion or strength deficits lost from being immobile from the surgery, as well as learn to accept the foreign pieces that were placed in the body, whether that be a joint replacement or a metal screw.

Many patients who have undergone shoulder surgery or a total knee or hip replacement continue to experience stiffness and pain following surgery. Oftentimes, this is the result of improperly laid scar tissue forming at the site of the surgery. Sometimes the only thing preventing a great surgery from becoming a great recovery is scar tissue. This scar tissue can become sensitive and restrict movement, causing ongoing discomfort.

Oftentimes, patients may lose ROM in different joints surrounding the surgery and may not realize it. If there is lack of full range of motion, the muscles attached to these joints can no longer fire properly due to improper length tension relationship. They will often become weakened, inhibited or develop trigger point or pain down the line.
Following surgery, muscles atrophy quickly to lack of motion and can cause re-injury if not rehabbed properly.


How Physical Therapy Can Help Before Or After A Surgery:

Dr. Trinh will perform a full evaluation on the surgical incision to ensure it is healing properly, along with joint range of motion and strength. She will perform a combination of Astym Therapy, joint mobilizations, and proper rehab progression to ensure resolution of stiffness and pain and return to proper function.

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