Annie Thompson

works from home, enjoys walking her dog

"I no longer use a cane, and I’m standing much taller than I had in five years.

Today, I am not the same person who met Yvan a few months earlier. I feel much looser. I'm able to do more with less soreness. I have extra energy and I can actually sleep! Yvan is truly a miracle in my life’s story!"

Brad Lackey

collegiate basketball player

"I’m more flexible, mobile and explosive than I ever was!

Yvan not only helped me get back to playing basketball after my ACL surgery, but my performance is better than ever!"

Casey Gottschalk

busy mother

"No doctor or medication has helped me as much as Yvan has.

I have so much of my quality of life back because of her."

John Fisher

volleyball athlete, skier

The best physical therapist and sports rehab doctor I've ever worked with.

After seeing Yvan, I'm able to play volleyball again without pain! My movements are more dynamic, and my body just feels better overall.