"I appreciate the scientific methods she uses to attack my areas of concern and find permanent solutions

I have tried everything, including medication, to stop the pain and recurring flare ups. I am amazed that through Dr. Trinh's program, the pain is not only being eliminated, but I am able to enjoy my favorite physical activities again!"

Angela Harris

Back Pain Since Childhood

"Yvan finds the root of the problem without trying to just minimize symptoms.

She doesn't follow some cookie cutter approach, she uniquely treats YOU. In a lot of ways, I feel like she gave me my life back."

Kilen Murphy

Chronic Tennis Elbow

"Not only did we get to the root of the issue, she explained, often with anatomical diagrams, what was not working correctly

 We were able to identify what was causing my pain/discomfort. I'm now pain-free, and we're working on longer-term goals of improving my balance and stamina for vacations abroad. I can't thank Dr. Trinh enough for giving me therapy tools I can use if symptoms pop up again. "

Theresa Raichel

Balance and Stamina Issues

"Yvan is the most qualified Physical/Sport Rehab Therapist I have come across

(Being a personal trainer and athlete for the past 10 years I have worked with a lot). Her knowledge base is extremely deep. She has been able to identify and resolve every issue I have brought to her, regardless of what part of the body it involves."

Levi Cantrell

Personal Trainer & Athlete

"Since working with Yvan, my hip feels better than it ever has.

I injured my hip 9 years ago while living abroad. I’ve worked with 14 different physical therapists (and 60 different professionals) with no improvement. I had very little hope left of living a normal life without pain again."

Jennifer Murphy

9 years of Constant Hip Pain

"Since working with Yvan, my mobility has come back - even better than before the wreck!

I was in a car accident where I sustained neck and back issues. She was able to treat these areas and pinpoint  issues and along in my hip… and this made my running and jiu jitsu so much better!"

Ryan Custodio

Neck and Back Pain From Car Accident

"Yvan gave me the confidence to get back into my active lifestyle.

I had resigned myself to the fact that I would never regain my athletic mobility.  That was until I started working with Yvan. She helped me regain my mobility and eliminated my back and shoulder pain."

Ruby Grace Rosale

Chronic Back and Shoulder Pain

"Her knowledge base is extremely deep.

She has been able to identify and resolve every issue I have brought to her, regardless of what part of the body it involves."

Levi Cantrell

Non-healing Achilles Injury

"Dr. Yvan Trinh was able to pinpoint where my pain was coming from within a few minutes of taking a look at me.

Now, I am able to enjoy my favorite sports like volleyball, tennis and soccer without a problem. I am now able to jump, kick, swing and dive pain free."

Anthony Almonte

Ongoing Back and Hip Injury

"I now have zero pain in my ankles throughout the day, and I feel even stronger in running than I had before.

I’m a runner, and I have suffered from 5 ankle injuries over the course of 3 years. Yvan immediately linked my ankle injuries to an issue related to the nerve that runs from my spine down to my ankles. Yvan is so intelligent and has a library of knowledge."

Mariah Morr

Recurrent Ankle Sprains

"What sets Yvan apart is her unique ability to really break things down and explain what is going on with the body.

I have since been able to return to practicing yoga, dancing, hiking and working out without ankle pain."

Gloria Wu

Ongoing Ankle Pain

"Yvan has given me my life back.

 After 5 months of failed treatments for a car accident, when I first saw her, I couldn't rotate my neck or even touch my toes. Now, I am nearing completion of being back to my normal self."

Staci Baker

Neck Pain - Car Accident

"Since working with Dr. Yvan, the pain from a chronic sports injury I had a little over 10 years ago is gone.

I’m able to do activities I thought I would no longer be able to do because of chronic pain."

Kristian Corbin

10 Years of Chronic Sports Injury

"I felt like I was in a spiral before I met Yvan, and a few months later, I'm happier, healthier, and in a better place than I've been in for years.

Starting about two years ago, migraines and neck pain wrecked me. I was unable to work, exercise, or do much of anything."

Nick DePaula

Unrelenting Migraine Headaches

"I can now sleep through the night without pain.

I started off not even being able to lift a full glass of water with my left arm or lay on my side and now it’s like I’m whole again! Thanks Dr. Trinh!"

Pia Meyer

Persistent Shoulder and Neck Discomfort