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Let's get you back to a life where pain is nothing but a distant memory

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy in Vancouver, Washington, I believe that everyone deserves freedom from pain and daily physical limitations.

I love seeing my patients return to doing the things they love, while learning more about their bodies along the way. 

How It Works

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We make it easy to set up an appointment for physical therapy assistance via our website or phone. No prior approval or referral is needed. All major insurance providers are accepted.

Attend Your Initial Evaluation

We will be performing a full assessment of your movement. at one of our clinics in Vancouver, Washington. You'll receive manual physical therapy and corrective exercises specific to you and your condition.

Start Moving and Feeling Better

With individualized, doctor-level care, we will get to the root cause of the issue every single time, so you can get back to doing the things you love. Come see me, an award-winning physical therapist.

We Accept All Major Insurance

No referral is needed to access our services, which means faster physical therapy treatment and improved recovery time.

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